MyEverest App

What is this?

MyEverest is a personal productivity app based on the time-management principles of Franklin Covey, Inc. Tools for “extraordinary success,” such as the Time Matrix, Role Statements, and SMART goals are introduced to the user through simple tutorials. The app prioritizes tasks in one of four quadrants (Q1, Q2, etc.) based on minimal input from the user. Helpful dashboards indicate how well the user is meeting their targets and motivational feedback is provided to encourage performance.


I used a Lean UX approach to create a minimum viable product (Beta version). I conducted user interviews, card sorts, and tested multiple iterations using paper, Sketch, inVision, Adobe XD, and Verify app.

Sample A/B Test

This test explores the use of color to indicate tasks belonging to specific roles.

A/B testing proved my hypothesis to be correct—users will prefer the subtle and space-saving use of color in Option B.  The decision to integrate the role color into the progress circle in Option B keeps the user’s primary focus on the tasks and shows more tasks in the My Tasks view, giving the user a better overall perspective.

View entire Case Study on Behance.


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