Meeting Evolution – Web App Redesign

What is this?

Meeting Evolution is a strategic meetings management system (SMM) providing comprehensive solutions for meeting planners from sending out requests for proposals (RFPs) to selecting venues, generating contracts, managing event details and post-event reporting.


This robust 8-year-old system has become bloated while trying to meet the changing needs of customers.  At the same time, its longevity means there is a wealth of data to assist with automation.  My challenge is to streamline the various user flows based on knowledge of how planners and suppliers work today, while retaining the important features that set it apart from its competitors.

Goal 1: Reduce the RFP response time from 45 minutes to 5 minutes.


Research:  Gather institutional knowledge of how the system is used (prior data collected through interviews, focus groups and customer service tickets).  Interview users to become familiar with their context and usage expectations.

Analysis: Get a bird’s-eye view of the current process and system architecture then drill down to identify redundancy and inefficiencies.

Photo of existing process laid out in steps on the floor.

BEFORE: A bird’s eye view of the existing 7-step RFP response process.

Photo of process cut and pasted on the floor.

AFTER: Bird’s eye view of 7-step response process after first round of cutting redundancies and extensive instructions.

Wireframe: I began a cycle of rapid-prototyping and feedback from the team of product owners, developers and customer service representatives.

Prototype: Using internal feedback to build upon the initial wireframes, I created a working prototype using Axure RP8.  This will be used to conduct user-testing before development begins.

Next Steps:

  • User-testing with hi-fidelity prototype to identify major changes to the flow and any user needs that may have been overlooked.
  • Work with the developer to apply the ACE Framework user interface components to the wireframes.
  • Launch beta with user test group and make adjustments as identified prior to full roll-out.

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