ISTEP – Program Design

Stakeholder-centric approach to designing an employee development program

As part of my own professional development I had the privilege to work on a team to solve an organizational awareness problem by developing a pilot skill-transfer and job shadowing program that we called ISTEP–Interdepartmental Skill Transfer and Exchange Program.  Primarily focused on the benefit our colleagues, we conducted research on existing programs, stakeholder interviews, and user-centered design.  After confirming interest among our co-workers as an opt-in program, we presented our idea to middle management and worked our way up.   By the time we stood before the executive team and won them over, we already knew there would be interest and participation from all levels.   The result was a shift in mindset of the employees that they actually did have the freedom to explore other areas of the business and it was the first of many continuing efforts by management to break down silos and nurture a cross-functional work environment.

View the ISTEP Executive Summary

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