MyEverest Website

What is this?

MyEverest website is an introduction to the brand and a sales tool for bringing on future users.

Business Goal: Conversion — Get the customer to download the free trial.  (Freemium model.)  Design must be responsive with a simple navigation structure and clear messaging that compels the visitor to download the app.

User Goal: Hope — Clear brand messaging that communicates the app’s value for them.  Content should support them as the hero of their own story, be simple to follow and informative.


It began with a content model of 3’s.

  1. Slogan — “Don’t just act. Act on purpose.”
  2. Unique value proposition — “MyEverest offers a balanced approach to making better choices about your time and energy.”
  3. Call to action — “Start Today”

Next, 3 most important benefits, 3 most important features, 3 testimonials.

Wireframes featuring realistic content help clients see the vision.  Design is based on the Bootstrap framework.


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