First week of class completed!  I eagerly began my guided online study on August 8th.  Wide-eyed, I read the assignment, signed up on #slack community for collaboration with other students, and then I click on a link posted by CF to an article entitled “The UX of Learning UX is Broken“…Yeah…that’s exactly what I want to hear after signing up for an online course to learn UX. Well, the school shared this with us so they must be very confident in their approach.

As an individual, you need the confidence to back up your ideas or to push back on ones you think don’t fit the product thesis. You need to learn how to listen to great ideas from all sides, build the talent of persuasive communication, and, ultimately, understand when you’re wrong and why.Experience design is, at its crux, an experiment in collaboration. ( | Article No :1653 | July 11, 2016 | by Dan Maccarone, Sarah Doody)

So true…to be good at anything you don’t just learn the rules and follow the recipe.  You add all of your experience and passion, trial and errors, to the process. Learning takes practice and it’s not done in a vacuum.  So, while the CF course is one method of learning UX, there are a myriad of resources out there to supplement the curriculum–many of them hyperlinked within the course text.  I’m happy that I have settled into a method as I learn the process of UX, which is iterative (each repetition of the process building on the one before it with the inclusion of what was learned through user testing and feedback) and flexible…maybe even fluid… we’ll see, I have much to learn. 🙂

Galymzhan Abdugalimov