Empathy is patiently and sincerely seeing the world through the other person's eyes. It is not learned in school; it is cultivated over a lifetime. - Albert Einstein

Stepping out from behind the walls of self and looking out through the window of another, I find empathy is liberating.

A surprising benefit of studying UX is that I have gained more empathy for people in general, not only in design. Simply being in the position of learning something new can have this effect because for a short time, I’m feeling what the user may feel when presented with a new product.

I quietly marvel at the positive impact this is having on my current job and relationships.  Internal stakeholders have expressed gratitude in the service I and my teammates are providing.  I’m keenly aware of how differently I respond to their needs and I am thankful for this awakening as I consider how poorly I had handled similar situations in the past.  Now, I write a new past.

Preparing to take the next step in my career, I am confident that I am not running from anything but rather to my next adventure.