Sean Devereaux, Zero VFX speaking on “Love” at Creative Mornings, Boston Chapter hosted at Wayfair, Copley Place Boston.

Bright and early on the last Friday of every month, creatives in Boston gather at the Creative Mornings lecture series to network and hear from industry leaders.  It was a sold out event!

Today’s topic was LOVE.  Yes, that’s right.  Sean Devereaux is Senior Visual Effects Supervisor at Zero VFX, a visual effects company that works on popular Hollywood movies. I was extremely impressed by Sean’s humility to speak about the topic he admittedly knew the least about.  Yet, when he shared his experience as a humble intern who, through one selfless act of washing dishes and cleaning the kitchen just so that the hard-working design team could have a “clean place to eat”, landed a permanent job… I was so impressed by the lesson he learned and shared with us that when something is done out of love, you don’t look for a reward.  That is the love he’s talking about.  Work as an expression of love. 

Love is present.
Love is fearless.
Love is selfish (yet selfless).
Love is contagious.
– Sean Devereaux

I added the part about love being selfless.  When Sean spoke of love being selfish, what he meant was that when you love a project, that project is all you think about.  When you love a person, they are the focus of everything you do.  It sounds to me like a paradox of selfish and selfless.

I whole-heartedly agree that work should be an act of love.  My goal in life is that everything I do be done with the motivation of love.  I may not always “like” what I’m doing, but I can do it with love.

Thank you Sean, for sharing what you learned about love and work and helping me to recognize that even though I have much to learn, with love as my motivation, I will succeed!