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My online alias “Leikela” (lay’ee-kayla) is the Hawaiian way to say Rachel.  Aloha!

I am driven to improve lives by designing products that eliminate obstacles and empower people to meet their potential. I bring an open mind, compassion, and optimism to every pursuit.

A little about my design approach:

Consider the problem your product solves. Does it make the user look like a hero?  Simplicity, convention, and human-friendly feedback can turn what users fear into a confidence-boosting experience.  Successful user-centered design makes the user a hero and the product their sidekick—changing the “I’m not smart enough” narrative  to “Look what I can do!”

My design process is flexible—considering access to user research and feedback, time-constraints, business goals and user goals.  A lean approach allows me to select the most effective tools for solving the problem, while openly communicating with stakeholders builds trust and a well-rounded solution.

Whether a beta or version XX, an iterative design approach—testing the product early and often—means your product begins solving problems sooner and generating valuable user feedback for continuous improvement.

Actively seeking opportunities in the Phoenix, AZ area.

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